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Happy Tails

The wonderful stories that our adoptive families share with us is part of why we continue doing what we can to make a difference in your lives, and in the lives of all these animals.  Rescue can sometimes make you feel defeated, but when we see how happy these adopted animals are, that helps push us to continue the good work we all do in rescue!  Thank you for adopting from us....we do appreciate all your continued support!

If you have adopted an animal from our organization and would like for us to list your story on our happy tails section, please email us at  We can't wait for your updates!

December 18th, 2014


Hi guys happy holidays! Here's Darla! She's a great puppy with endless energy!

- Marc

November 10th, 2014


Hi to my friends at C.A. R.E.
I am having lots of fun in my new and forever home. I have a puppy friend next door that I can run along the fence with . Her name is Maggie.  My cat siblings are not used to my friskiness yet, but we are working on that.
Thanks for taking such good care of me so I could be adopted by my new family.
 - Zoey (The Ferrari Family)

November 1st, 2014


October 26th, 2014


Hello CARE,
My name is Daryl my partner Tony and I adopted TACO on January 7th of this year! He'll be 5 yrs old this December 12th! Our experience with him has been the best decision we ever made in adopting him! He's become so attached to us and is very protective and is a part of our family and we love every minute and everyday we have with him! Although like every dog he does have his "moments". We wouldn't change him for anything! And everyday we learn something else new about him. He has the best personality and little things about him that make us laugh every single day! WE love love love LOVE HIM!!!And we are considering getting him a little friend within the next 6 months! Thank you so much! 

Best Regards,
Daryl, Tony & TACO!!

October 22nd, 2014


July 22nd, 2014


Cheko was adopted as Rebel from the Petco in Freehold in January 2014. He is an amazing addition to our family! He goes to the dog park every morning and hikes in various parks at night. His favorite is digging holes at the dig beach! We couldn't have asked for a better match.

Thank you,
The Kudlak family

July 21st, 2014


June 28th, 2014


Just wanted to update you on our dog . This is Spike. We adopted Spike at the end of January. He has made a great addition to our family. My son just loves him; they are best friends. Spike is very smart and well behaved . I want to thank you for bringing Spike into our lives.

June 15th, 2014


Izzy had a wonderful weekend. She went to the racetrack and met our horses, played with the dogs at the dog park, visited my friend's farm, rode in the shopping cart around Home Depot, sat in Starbucks and got admired by the other customers, and played with the neighbor's little boy. She is a wonderful, beautiful, smart pup. She hasn't done anything wrong (yet). I haven't heard her bark. I think when she is at home, she is too tired to misbehave. She is an angel at night while we sleep. And no accidents in the house (so far).

-The Brown Family

May 7th, 2014


We just wanted to let you know that Willow is doing great.  She is a wonderful pup, and couldn't have been any better for our family.  She is very happy here.  CARE is a great match maker. 

-The Pennington Family

April 5th, 2014


He is 8 months now and has completed his second stage of puppy school and will continue his training to be top dog! He loved all the snow this winter is super sad to see it go but is pretty excited about going to the beach now with all other dogs and practice on his swimming . Wolf hopes his bother and sisters are doing just as well as him and hopes one day to have play date with them . 
- Love the Perez Family 

March 28th, 2014


Sammy and Lily are doing so well.  They are now on dry dog food, house training gets better and better every day.  For three days now there were no 'presents' awaiting us first thing in the morning.   They absolutely love their walks in the park and so do we.  Still working on playing with toys (fetch, catch, chase).  When I open the back door to let them out, they run and run.  Thank you for the everyday joy of these dogs.  One added note: after their bath neither one would look at me for two hours.  They do not complain or have a problem during the bath, I'm guessing they have just had enough of me afterwards. 

March 22nd, 2014


Just an update, that Kenzi is doing great. Other than a very wide stubborn streak, she has learned her commands, is almost completely house broken, and knows how to put on the cute little puppy face to get away with anything. We hope the rest of her family is doing as well.

The Brown Family

March 18th, 2014

Bo Jangles!

  Hi Pamela and Sharon!

It's Bojangles and his family sending some pictures to let you know that all is fine. Hard to believe it's been a year since we adopted Bo. He is loved and spoiled and everyone in the neighborhood thinks he's the greatest. Hope you're both doing well. Thank you for all that you do to save these beautiful creatures.

Regards ,
Judy, Chris , Steve , Dan and Bo Pemberton

March 10th, 2014


Hi.  A couple of years ago, we picked up a dog from your organization.  She was named Brandy, a cocker spaniel.  I thought perhaps you'd like to see her now.
Karen Smith

March 6th, 2014

Diesel & Daisy!


I just wanted to update everyone on Deets and Cana, now Diesel and Daisy. They are adjusting well and are one of the best things that have ever happened to me. I am so grateful to have them and grateful I convinced my parents to adopt instead of buy! They are such a blessing. Thank you so much for bringing them into my life. Attached are some photos I thought you would enjoy.


February 28th, 2014


It hasn't been a full month yet since we adopted Rex, re-named by our girls Spots from your rescue group.  He is a wonderful puppy who is still learning not to chew everything and to go outside to the bathroom.  We all love having him around.  Can't wait for spring to get here so we can take him to the park and for nice walks.
Thank you for everything and a thank you to Rex/Spot's foster for helping us adopt him.

Bryon, Amy, Kayla, Sierra

Febraury 23rd, 2014


  Hey C.A.R.E. NJ,

Just wanted to send an update on Helga, renamed Jerzee. A year ago today, I called in sick to work and drove from Long Island, NY to a PetSmart in E. Brunswick, NJ and it was the best decision I've made all year! Jerzee brings such joy and happiness to my life every day. Even during some of those 'ruff' times we've gone through as a puppy. She has graduated from puppy school at a local PetSmart and is now a well trained and well behaved puppy. And she gets along GREAT with other dogs. We visit the local dog parks often and play with some of our dog friends at our house. I just wanted to send a big THANK YOU to everyone at your organization for doing such a great job and giving many people the opportunity to be as happy as we are.

Thank you again,
Steve & Jerzee girl

December 28th, 2013


  Happy Holidays CARE!

Dear Pam and Sharon,
I hope all is well. Buttons is doing wonderfully in Brooklyn. I want to thank you again for the great adoption match. In the email below, please see photo updates attached for Buttons: on the train, in his travel backpack, his winter coat, in his apartment, his Christmas necklace, and even his Christmas bib and antlers!
Happy New Year, and thank you again for all of the wonderful work you do!
--- Alex Back (Button's new guardian!)

November 1st, 2013


  Hello! I wanted to send a quick update on Sharkey. Well for starters, his name is no longer Sharkey, it's Dennis Hopper. He is getting tons of love and affection and proving that he really is a wonderful dog. He sleeps with us in bed at night and somehow commands more than half of our king sized bed. He shows no interest in chewing things that don't belong to him so that is a big plus. He loves everyone he meets and has made some dog friends in the neighborhood. Please make sure Sharon, Dennis' foster mom gets to see these pictures. I'll keep sending more as he gets older. Thank you so much for letting us adopt this wonderful dog.


October 27th, 2013



 I just wanted to send you an update.  Lacey is an extremely well-behaved, smart, and healthy puppy.  Here is her graduation picture from last Saturday.  She loves the dog parks, running and playing with other dogs.  She is still a little skittish, but we keep bringing her out to different events and encouraging her.  I guess, I will really never know what is causing her fear, but if you have any suggestions, please let me know. 

 My family is really enjoying her.  Thank you for your good work.

 Kathy Pino

August 31st, 2013


I just wanted to send you an update on Cooter (now LOLA).
She is very well behaved, although a little hyper, which is fine. She is walking well on the leash, has finally mastered going up and down our steps which she was very hesitant about and the two dogs are getting along beautifully. so far  so good. 
Thanks again and have a great weekend
Mary Jane

September 18th, 2013


  Hello CARE NJ! 

It's only been a month since we took Star, renamed Kiara, home and from
the day she walked through our door she's been a loved part of the
family! I wanted to share a few updated pictures with you all. She just
turned four months old. Kiara is loving it here! A soft bed, plenty of
toys to play with and an big back yard makes for long throws of her
favorite frisbee. This adorable little pup is growing so quickly! She
loves going for walks, tennis balls, and meeting different people. She
starts puppy school soon so we are definitely looking forward to that.

Thank you CARE NJ, for giving me the opportunity to bring this beautiful
girl into my and my family's home! We absolutely love her! Despite
chewing on everything in sight, she's definitely a keeper!

All the best! 
Stephanie Lennox and Kiara 

June 16th, 2013



Dear C.A.R.E. NJ,
We are so happy with our new addition! Moose (renamed Rocco) is perfect for us. He has settled in nicely. He loves his crate. Slept from 11pm til 5 am! He has another puppy bed for during the day. We had family over and he was thoroughly happy being petted and played with. He is very inquisitive about our cat. They can be in the same room and no problems. We keep a watchful eye. Kitty does not want Rocco TOO close. Baby steps. He lets out this tiny yelp when he needs to go out and "do his business ". Only 1 pee accident so far (we think it was our fault for not knowing the "signal "). He has a wonderful temperament! He loves to play and snuggle.
We are so happy that we picked him and that he accepted us!
It was so nice to see so many dogs be adopted. We hope those families are as happy as we are!
Thank you so much!

The Petronella family,
Steve, Justine, Steven, Athena, Raven, and now, ROCCO!!!

June 7th, 2013



Hello. My name is Kyle (formerly Ivan) and I wanted to tell everyone out there how well I'm doing in my new home. I've been here just over two months now. I also want to say that pet adoption/pet rescue is a wonderful thing!

At my new home I have plenty of room to run and play. I have a great love for playing with tennis balls! That is evidenced in my photo. And there are plenty of toys spread all over the house, thanks to me! Mommy said that they haven't seen this in years! I have no problem playing alone or with others. I love making new friends. My home is very comfortable, so much so that I can sleep just about anywhere and sleep for long stretches at a time. Maybe it's because I play so much and eat really good that I sleep so well?

I am really grateful to all those who have been so good to me during my first three years of life. I can certainly say that I finally believe that I have found my true home!

The best dogs are adopted dogs and RESCUE is my favorite breed. Opt to adopt!

Sincerely Paws,

April 23rd, 2013


  I attended the adoption day at the Petsmart on Rt. 18 on April 13th and rescued Eno, but we changed his name to Rocco. I just wanted to tell all of you how much I appreciate all of the hard work that you do to rescue these animals. He is doing so well in his new home. He has tons of toys, already knows how to sit and play fetch and he's not even 3 months old. I have never worked in an animal shelter, but I can imagine its emotionally and physically draining, and sad, but all of the dedication you give to these animals is worth it. He is so happy and content and just wanted to share some of his new life with you. Rocco has a whole family of dogs and people that love him so much. Every morning, my dad carries him around and Rocco helps my dad make his lunch hahaha...He's enjoying it now because when he's 60+ pounds, he won't be able to carry him anymore hahaha....Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts <3 Rocco and I appreciate it a million times <3

Rocco and Katie (Mommy)

April 6, 2013


  Just wanted to send some pictures to update you on Beaux, formerly known as Dante. He is an absolute mush and total love bug. He loves walks and going on car rides. He makes new friends everywhere we go. He absolutely amazed me with his temperament and his patience with children. Thank you for the love of my life. He is just absolutely wonderful in every way.

Gina Tumolo

December 21st, 2012



I just wanted to send to you some information and pictures of a pup i adopted from you.  His name was Oreo but it is now Rascal.  Rascal has turned out to be one of the best dogs around.  He has learned many tricks and is as obedient as they come.  He is presently competing with my daughter in agility and has won numerous ribbons in his first few events.  I am so glad we adopted him.  I will keep you posted- my daughter is aiming for the AKC junior championships in the future. Hopefully....

Jeanne Biroc

December 19th, 2012



Hi to all,
I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how Jasper (Luce) is. We adopted him from you in December 2009. When we adopted him, my husband wanted to name him Lucky Luciano because we were taking him to a good home. After being with him a few hours we decided to call him Luce which in Italian means "light". As you can see from Luce pictures, he is absolutely adorable and I am so glad he's mine. He's our light and he brings us so much happiness, great laughs and mostly love. He is spoiled as you can see, he sleeps with us and is always with us. I can't think of a time without this baby around. I hope that everyone at one time in their life can fall in love with a baby like we did.  Again, thank you for loving animals the way you do. Happy Holidays!
 Joe and Mary Ann Dicello

October 22nd, 2012



This is Caeli! We adopted her back in July when I fell in love with her face online. She is the sweetest little girl with a crazy silly side! She is a social butterfly and loves meeting new people and dogs. She is turning 6 months old this week and is growing every day! She loves to play catch, retrieve, listens to commands like sit and give paw. She loves to go for walks and rides and knows to find her leash when I ask if she wants to go! She is still a baby and has a wild side but she is a sweetheart that loves belly rubs and to cuddle. I think you can see by her picture above, she is a happy girl and loves her life : ) Thank you for such a sweet baby!

The Tramutolo Family

October 22nd, 2012



I adopted Emiko, now Koko, May 5th, 2012 and have been obsessed ever since then!! My friends make fun of me because I act and treat her like she is a real human baby, I even refer to her as the baby. A few months ago I was saving up so that we could take her to a trainer for obedience training. I would say that I was saving up for the baby's tuition. She is still very skittish and scared of EVERYTHING though, but my trainer Rob said she has come a long way from when we first started going to him! Koko absolutely loves digging. I gave up trying to fill in the holes because as soon as I turn my back she's back to digging. She is an absolute doll.  The picture attached is a recent one (she's nearly 50lbs now!). I cannot wait to adopt another puppy from you guys in the future! Thank you so much for everything you do!

Nicki Gray

October 11th, 2012



Hi, I adopted Maggie (originally Rana) at the end of May 2012. I am happy to report that she is thriving in her home. She's such a smart, happy, fun puppy that I cannot believe anyone would give her up, let alone to a kill shelter. Maggie is 6 months old now (I adopted her at 3 months old). She is my best friend and puts a smile on my face every day. She loves to play fetch and go for long walks. She loves to find a special "prize" during every walk (usually a stick) and bring it home with her to chew. She loves to splash around in the water and loves to take baths. She loves to snuggle on the couch after a long day of play and wake back up an hour later to do it all again. She absolutely adores other dogs and doesn't understand why all dogs don't want to play like her. She's smart, clever, stubborn, and fun. It's an experience like this that leads me to feel that from here on out I will only adopt a dog that is need of a home. Giving Maggie a second chance on life is a reward in and of itself, and I can only wish that more pups could get that chance.


September 21st, 2012



It’s been awhile since I adopted Easton, but I just wanted to send you a quick email and some pictures to fill you in on what he’s been up to!

Easton is now “HENRY” and seems to be enjoying life with me and his feline sister Allie (who is still coming to terms with his existence J)

He has grown from that little reddish brown puppy to a 45lb 8 month old rambunctious fella! He’s a great companion, going many places with me on the weekends, and loves going to the dog park and we even made a trip to the dog beach in Manasquan.

He loves all people and animals. He is only sad when they don’t all pay attention to him! He goes to Camp Bow Wow twice a week, and just loves it! And the dog walkers come in the other days I go to the office, and they just LOVE him!

Last night he participated in Bark in the Park at the Somerset Patriots game! He had a blast. I have included a few pictures from over the last few months so you can see how he’s grown and how happy he is!

I couldn’t be happier that Henry picked me!   Thanks again for all you do for the animals!



September 21st, 2012



We are just in love with our new little boy, Rudy (Jinx). He is so sweet, loves the other dogs and children in the neighborhood, is quickly learning to go to the bathroom outside, and he already has learned many tricks. Rudy sleeps in our room in his dog bed and sleeps all night...what a dream! He loves going outside and using the dog ramp on our deck to go into his dog runner.

He is very well behaved overall, but we are now working on the occasional puppy nipping and chewing on furniture, shoes, etc. We have been providing him with chew toys and have been replacing inappropriate items in his mouth with his Nyla bone and raw hide bone. He also likes to sit instead of walk during his walks. The neighbors laugh because Rudy just likes to relax in the grass. What a life!

We are so happy we have adopted Rudy. He has made our family complete and helped to turn our house into a home. :)


Stefani and Michael

August 27th, 2012



We can hardly believe a year has past since we took our Bella home. We patiently waited (kind of :) ) to get her, waiting out an unexpected puppy virus and beating hurricane Irene. Bella warmed our hearts and immediately became part of our family, fitting in instantly. Bella was potty trained within 3 weeks and learned basic commands including the army crawl ( lol ), smart cookie. This past month we have given her full access to house while we are not home and she has passed with flying colors. Bella has brought us so much joy, she is funny, full of life and did I mention a total sweet heart. Turns out she is also a great guard dog, we got the total package and we are glad she is part of our life and most importantly grateful for people like you CARE NJ who give these animals a second chance, THANK YOU !!!!!

The Santiago Family

April 30th, 2012



It's been quite a while but just thought I would send an update on the pups. Hank is a chunky lump of love and he loves to watch Blitz run around (unless, of course the squirrels dare to come into the yard)... Blitz is very large (100+ lbs) and has the greatest disposition. He still thinks he's a lap dog:) Hope all is well and I thank my lucky stars for crossing paths with you and your good work. I've got the best dogs ever!!

Patti Maggio & family

April 20th, 2012




Hi all,

As I was sitting at work, I ran across your website in my favorites list and figured I’d shoot you an email update on Teddy (renamed Hugo). We adopted Hugo Memorial day weekend in 2007. I remember the conversation we had, that he had been adopted and then returned, based on his temperament I guess as well as the life he had endured before being rescued. As we all know, Chow Chows can be challenging at times, and Hugo was no different. But, as time went on, we’ve realized that all he needs is a loving family and one that understands him. Anyway, it’s almost 4 years later, and he is a very well mannered, lovable member of our family, and he and our other baby – our German Shepherd Chloe – get along famously. They love long hikes in the woods, swimming in the ocean and playing with every dog they can find. We think every day how happy grateful we are for having Hugo in our life. We thank you so very much for you all taking care of him so that we could find him and not only he change our life, but vice versa. We absolutely love him so much and couldn’t imagine our lives without him. I’ve attached a picture of our baby boy.

Please feel free to share the story and the picture.

Thank you,

Georgia and Behz

March 6th, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Blue Dog!


Think this girl is set for life, or what? She and I had salmon
and rice last Saturday evening to celebrate her birthday.

February 9th, 2012

As I mentioned, Sadie, once known as "Saba," adopted 6/16/07, is doing very well. She certainly makes my house a home.

I retired to Hickory, NC, my birthplace, which is near Charlotte, and we immediately found a suitable vet who has been very helpful in monitoring and maintaining Sadie's health and well-being.

You remembered her incontinence issues and that has been stabilized, as well, without incident for almost five years now.

As she enters her senior years, I'm making every attempt to be proactive with regard to a proper diet and exercise. She's still on a Nutro diet, only now we've graduated to one for seniors with the necessary additives for healthy joints and strong bones. And, at least twice a week we visit a local park for exercise. We enjoy off-leash running and playing in a two-acre dog park and then we hit the trails for a few miles of hiking and tracking. The wildlife is plentiful, so she is certainly in her element.

I'm attaching a photo of a more leisurely Sadie, taken last summer on the back porch. As you can see, she is practically royalty- and spoiled rotten, but I wouldn't have it any other way.



February 4th, 2012

Hello, we hope that all is well with you and that your holidays were great. We figured to write you and let you know how wonderful Barkley (nee: Fain) is doing. What a tragic mistake it would have been if he had stayed in that shelter and had to be put down! He is an extremely smart, adorable and loving little boy. (we are a little prejudice!) I've attached some recent pictures so you can see how he turned out, he weighs 65 lbs. and is mostly legs! I know his paperwork says that he is a Labrador mix, my friend who is from Hungary swears that the other part is a Hungarian hunting dog known as a Viszula. We went online and he does have a lot of the same characteristics as the Viszula. Over the holidays we had our granddaughter for a couple of days, they are now best friends, he followed her everywhere and laid by her side at night. All the toys that he got at Christmas he would put back under the tree when he was done playing with them it was so funny, he was really confused when the tree came down! He loves to play fetch and catch, also I play a game with him-I put a cookie in one of my hands and put my hands behind my back and rub them together, he has to sit in front of me - I tell him to get ready and he puts one of his paws on my knee then I bring out my hands and tell him to pick one and he has to tap the hand with the cookie in order to get it! He has an incredible nose because he has only been wrong twice. He is always doing something to make us laugh, I was watching my soap opera and he was sitting on the floor in front of the TV, one of the actors started to cry and so did Barkley. He loves to watch TV and will also cry when animal planet is on and a dog cries. One of these times we are going to video tape him! He also knows how to whisper. His bark is very loud and we taught him to whisper then he's playing and gets excited, he will open his mouth and blow out air, it's the funniest thing to see! Well I could go on and on about him, needless to say, you made the right choice when you made us Fain's forever home, we couldn't love him more if he was our true son!

Thank you,

Dennis, Cathy & Barkley

January 29th, 2012

Charlotte was adopted on December 11th from the lovely Sharon in Bayonne. She flew to Canada for Christmas break where she hung out with her new family including her cousin, Misha, photos attached – Charlotte is the black Chi-mix. She is back in New York now and living with me in my apt. She walks to work every day and hangs out with her new pals at the office. She enjoys the dog park next door to her home, although was very wary in the beginning. She is very bonded to me and this goes both ways. She has made a big difference in my life, I am so happy that I adopted her.

Thanks for all of your help – your organization is wonderful.


January 6th, 2012

Thank you so much for considering us to adopt Sonny. Sonny is already making himself at home, pooped and peed in the hall. My fault, I forgot puppies need to go out after eating. I'll try harder tomorrow :)  He made us move his bed, but found under the dining room table works good for him. Just who's the boss?  He seems to be searching for his sister, he investigated everything white. White flower pot, no, not my sister. White Pepe toy, looked like her, but that's not her.  Sonny loves all the attention he's getting, and loves his new toys.  Pepe, is good with him, but setting the ground rules. Sonny tried to curl up in Pepe's bed with him, cute for us, but Pepe wasn't having any part of it. So, Sonny climbed back into his own bed.

Sonny is doing good!

~ Deborah and Robert

January 5th, 2012

I adopted Amber who is now named Phoebe on 9/11/10. Amber is one of the gorgeous pups that is pit bull/french mastiff mix. I believe her sister was named Ginger. I promised I would email photos of her, but failed to do so. I figured now would be a good time rather then never.. sorry :(

Anyway, I would like to thank you for allowing my now husband and I to adopt her. She is remarkable in so many ways. Colby Jack who has been apart of our home 2years longer than Phoebe fell in love with her at first sight. The two of them are quite the duo and it amazes me to see two dogs love each other like these two. Phoebe went from a very shy and timid puppy to a very dominant female larger-pup. She has quite the personality with her tantrums she throws when wanting to be pet, the schedule that she is very good at following, her bark that is greater than her no bite, and loyal/protective behavior.

Overall she is what we needed to fulfill our household and Colby longed for!

Attached are photos of herself and some with Colby. It is rare to get one with out the other.

~ Jessica ~

December 2011

Merry Christmas Star!


Just wanted to wish you guys a Happy Holiday season,,,,,Update on Star...she's doing great, we love having her with us, she's become part of the family, what a special dog, she is so well behaved and loving, like my husband says, What a great dog! we are so glad we adopted her!

November 14th, 2011

Hi, I would just like to thank everyone involved in the Companion Animal Rescue the folks that rescue, foster, fund-raise and processing are all very special people, willing to give so much of your time and love to these precious little dogs!

I want to say that I am so happy with Roxie (aka Tily). Rox is a perfect little angel, she has taken over my house and heart. She is a very good girl and cute as a button...I want to thank you again for bringing us together!

~ Linda ~

November 6th, 2011

I am 6 months old now and very happy in my new home! Haven't I gotten big and beautiful?! My mommy and daddy think so. I am a good girl and have learned so much in the past month. I am pretty brave now and not afraid of my own shadow anymore. I love to go to the park and walk in the woods and even walk in my own neighborhood now. I am learning to walk nicely on a leash so I don't drag my mommy along. I am much stronger than her! I love to run after tennis balls in my big back yard, too.  I am going to puppy class, where I meet new friends and learn new things. I know the class is really to make mommy and daddy smarter...not ME...but I have lots of fun!  This week I am going to get spayed. I don't think that is going to be much fun, but I have a really nice vet and mommy will stay home with me for a few days until I feel better and can run and play again.  I am a lucky dog and I think mommy and daddy feel pretty lucky to have me, too!

Hope everything is going well for you. Thank you for taking care of me and finding me a loving home!

I am a very happy pup!



Hi guys, we wanted to give you an update on our baby girl, Suki (her new name, given by our boys). She is doing great, getting used to her surroundings and her big brother, Bronx (a husky), who loves her and enjoys her company. We wanna thank you for making her available to our family and tell you how how happy we are with her, she is the sweetest thing ever!!    

P.S.: she is the princess of the house and even has her very own DIVA bag!



Hi There CARE Family


We just wanted to update you on our new additions.

BoBo is doing very well in her new home with my mom Julie.   She fits in perfectly and has adjusted well to her new

forever home.  Mom and dad are spoiling here rotten!  

Dapple, the doxie, is doing great also!  After bumping into a lot of new things (remember he’s blind & deaf), he has settled in very nicely.  My other dogs help him out a lot and seem to know about his handicaps.  He is already spoiled with a new bed and new blankets, but he much rather be on our laps.  He does not like when I fool him with a new scent – he thinks I am someone else, and just keeps looking for me.  

All in all, both dogs are doing well.     

Thought you would like to know!  

Pamela, I really enjoyed talking to you and getting to know about your organization.

I wish all of you the best!   Keep up the good work!  

I will recommend you to everyone!

God Bless each of you,


January 2009

This is the little dog you named Jeeter that I adopted in June.  Benji has turned out to be a wonderful dog, just as Pamela predicted.  I greatly appreciate C.A.R.E. bringing us together.. 

When Benji is at a the dog park he often spontaneously breaks away from the pack and runs full speed up to me without being called.  He is always smiling!

Whoo-hooo!! Not only is Benji likely to be included in Bark Magazine's monthly photo spread of smiling dogs but he's in contention to be included in a book!


June 2008


I was recently doing some paperwork for Lulu (the poodle formerly
known as Kahlua) and visited your website so I thought I would send in
an update and some pictures! Lulu is a wonderful, sweet, smart and
friendly dog! I could not be an happier with her.  She has brought so
much joy in to my life!  Although she was a malnourished stray when I
adopted her, I still think that SHE saved ME!  She is in wonderful
health now, and in fact, she is so overflowing with love that Lulu and
I have just signed up to train to become a "therapy team," visiting
hospitals and the like! I am sure she was put on earth just for this!

Brooklyn NY



Dear Nancy,
Here are the photos of our little Beau! Please share them with everyone at CARE, especially with Sharon and Teresa, who were so wonderful to us. You can see how far he's come since we adopted him in October--we are absolutely in love with him and are so grateful to you for bringing such joy into our lives.
With love,





I visited your site recently, and thought I would share a few pictures of Daffy, formerly "Annie" a Springer Spaniel rescued from newark nearly 2 years ago, and close to death from starvation and abandonment.  Here she is now !  She's a beauty, as you can see !  She shares our home with her adopted Springer Spaniel brother from a shelter in Nashville 10 years ago.  he's a brillant dog too.

Daffy's life consists of traveling with us to our vacation home near the shore, and on our 32' sportfish from CT. She wears her life preserver without complaint. Actually She's gratefull for everything, still.

We had a difficult time with her for the first month, as she wasnt potty trained...but that turned out to be "stress" and sometimes still has accidents when shes nervous. Other than that shes Perfect! and we love her. I hope this note lifts your spirits today, knowing that you have made a great difference in her life, and ours too.

Many thanks to everyone in your organization, and best of luck. I wish I could help you foster some, but out Condo is restricted. Maybe another day.

I am noting the address so I can send a donation

Best Wishes to you all, God Bless You

Thank you for bring Daffy to us......




HI.  Charlie, formerly know as Kushla, just recently celebrated his one year anniversary with us.  I thought you'd like to see how great he looks!  He's coming along nicely.




Hi my name is Mandi Kera Staehs. I use to be called Vegas. But my parents re-named me. Thank you for finding me a great home and great parents they take me everywhere. And they bring over my human cousins so I have some one to play with and I love to play!

My mom is attaching my picture so you can she how much more beautiful I have become.

PS. My mom wanted to say how  happy both her & my dad are that you let them adopt me.  thank you & GOD bless



At first he was very shy and took time to get used to a big open living environment, but a few weeks went by and he became very friendly with humans and now him and my other cats r so in love, they spoon each other and clean each other as if they've been living together for years. i am so happy i adopted him and welcome you to use his pic and my email anytime :).  thank u for giving me such a great & friendly cat!




Hi! Just thought of looking on your website because it is almost a year since we adopted little Belle (aka Nina.) through you and the Jersey City Animal clinic (Dr. Thornton) I am sure you have been through alot of dogs since then!!!! Although I don't see many on your list.

Belle is the sweeetest, most loving girl, she has now gone blind in one eye, but otherwize has put on 2 pounds... I am writing a book about Belle entitled "Bell you're a Brooklyn dog now"! the story of her rescue and adoption and trip back to Brooklyn.  I will contact the Jersey City Animal Rescue police to see if they will post for a picture with Belle, then ask Dr. Thornton to pose also. Perhaps I should get a shot with you too! It was Pamela, I believe, who showed me the dog at the vet.  Thank you and happy new year!

~Katheryn D in Brooklyn


I just wanted to say thanks to C.A.R.E for allowing me to adopt Penelope last Monday.  She is a true joy.  I have never seen a cat that has no fear of people.  From the time I let her out of the carrier in my apartment and still...she has not hidden at all.  She sleeps with me and loves to sit on my lap.  She is a lot of fun and very lovable.  She is doing great..She has brought much love into my life.  You are a cat lover and I know you understand what I mean.  She has helped me to heal from my beloved Randi's death.  I will always love Randi but Penelope helped me not dwell on it.

So thanks again and be blessed.
~Kathy H


Hi. Happy New Year from Charlie, formerly known as Kushla.  He is doing great and we just love him.  He finally has learned how to play with a toy - and share it too!

Thanks for bringing him to our lives. Say hi to Pam please from him.




Fluffy, whom we have renamed Roxy is doing great.  She sure likes to eat. Will get her some special treats tomorrow morning.  The vet in Jersey City removed her stitches and she got a rabies shot.  We love her and will recommend your facility to anyone we know.

Many thanks for your good work and best regards, also to Nancy and a Happy new Year to all of you.

~Hans & Frieda K


I wanted to email you and tell you how much we LOVE Gwenn and Shelby, they are the most loveable cats and my kids adore them, they are so good with the kids and the baby.  They love the fish tank and they sleep in bed with the kids.  Amazing cats who are now really loved and really spoiled, thank you!  Without your help I would have never found them!




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